Tennessee Trip – Nov. 3-5, 2016

Most of the time a road trip goes as planned.  Sometimes we experience the unexpected.  Always we are thankful for God’s hand of protection.

Here are some pictures taken during our latest adventure…

Some debris became airborne and found it’s way to our windshield.


After taking time to thank God that we were still alive and asking for help to decide what to do, creativity set in and this was how we finished to last 2 hours of our trip.


As we were driving, I got to watch the spider crack on my side of the windshield move.  For comparison, the tape is about 3/4″ long and the crack in the windshield moved the distance between the arrows.


The windshield was repaired the next day while we were in meetings in Franklin, Tn.

Thanks for your prayers on our behalf as we continue to travel and minister in music and worship.

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